Tuesday, April 17, 2012

To reflect changes in the ADF Deployed app on Stand alone weblogic server (

I feel it is painfull task to deploy the monstrous application for **minor changes**.

Though I know that I can use hudson/CI to automate the boring deployment process(as developer this is what I feel), our team yet to sponsor good amount of time for Hudson hands on.

So we started using the following copy paste approach ( a true developer approach) to reflect the changes on the server.

Locally we generate the jar files for which changes available. We also make sure all the dependent libraries are in sync with the latest changes.

These are the locations with respect to Jdeveloper based stand alone server.

For UI changes:
1) Go to system_folder: In Windows Run --> %Appdata% --> Jdeveloper --> system xxx folder 
2) cd DomainName/servers/ServerName/tmp/_WL_user/AppliactionName/z88prt/war/WEB-INF/lib
3) replace the ui jar and dependent jars you wish to overwrite.
4) restart the server

For UI Model/Model changes:
1) Go to system_folder: In Windows Run --> %Appdata% --> Jdeveloper --> system xxx folder 
2) cd DomainName/servers/ServerName/tmp/_WL_user/AppliactionName/z88prt/hvo6ly/APP-INF/lib
3) replace the model/uiModel jar and dependent jars you wish to overwrite.
4) restart the server

However, If there are changes to application files (say, adf-config.xml) I have to go through the complete deployment process to see the changes.
Hope it helps.



  1. Not sure which JDeveloper version you use - but 11.1.2 has hot-deployment support so all you need to do is save/compile and then reload in the browser

  2. Thanks Shay for the note. The post is regarding the 'Weblogic stand alone server' and the version being

    Thanks for reminding. I will update the post.

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